Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh Baby Baby Let's Play Paper Dolls

Please note: I am not sure about the copy right issue with some of these photos. I put them here for personal enjoyment, not for resale. If you see something I shouldn't be using, please let me know. I have too much respect for the artists to make them upset. I assume when I see things on Pinterest, it is okay to place it in a blog. I make many of my own paper dolls and put them here so please feel free to use and share. ~DJH

Baby paper dolls, or as I always called them, cut-outs, were my first and foremost paper pal favorite. I recall being about 6 years old in Farmingville, L.I., NY in the summer. Sitting in my backyard hammock, I'd cut out outfits, line up my paper babies, and have hours and hours of joy, simple joy. When viewing all the pins of paper dolls in Pinterest, I found lots I had long ago forgotten that were once mine. Yeah, I know, cheap thrills, but for me, quite thrilling. Here are just a few of my favs.

Somewhere I have a few Sugar and Spike cut-outs. They are so cute and talked a funny baby-only language their Ma's didn't understand.  I adored them! Still do <g>.

This was at least a decade too soon for me, but I love the 40-ishness of it, stork and all.
Baby Dears are from 1959, just when I'd love this type. After age 11, I was only interested in stylish, Barbie type paper dolls. Babies were for babies
I was 7 when Baby Parade was published. Did I cut those little tabs off and did I know how to poke a hole in the white circle of the hats and hoods before cutting it out? Love the clothes! This was pre-pampers pre-onesie days. 

Pretty Pink and Blue design for New Baby. I recall those odd little baby baths with a vinyl 'tub'. Creepy. But, the baby is so cute.
Baby Brother and Sister. I guess you'd call these 2 Irish Twins since they are born so close together. I was 10 when these came out. 
Baby's First Year was published before I was born. Originally, they are full-sized but this was the best size shot I could get. It may not be print-out playable, but it is fun to look at the retro baby outfits. 
...and talking about retro paper dolls, this is retro-retro. 1895 was before my Mom was born,  but my Grandma's would have been just right. 
Enjoy your baby cut-outs all you ancient little girls and future Mama's and Gramma's.   Love to All....Dossie Bubble
My first little grand dossie bubble, Sophia!

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