Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bubble Club

New dresses and more clothes coming soon!

The Bubble Club was formed today. The girls were really excited and spent the whole afternoon planning the Tea Party.

"Let's make it our Inaugural Ball" said Dossie, "We'll wear gowns and
have special cakes!"

"Cup Cakes!" said Zoey "What is 'inaugya..ya..inawgya..Oh, inaugural mean?"

"I'm pretty sure it means to begin or introduce something like a President or in our case, US!"  said Fee

"Hey, how about a bubble making machine!" said Sewfy

"COOOOOOLLLLL" they all cheered.

"Here," said Dossie "I just got a new Mary Englebriet Tea set and we
should use it to toast our new club and get practice holding our pinkies up like proper tea drinkers. All in favor say 'Aye'."

"Aye!!" they once again all proclaimed.

The Bubbles sipped their tea and planned on what flavor cup cakes they should bake.

My own little Tea Party Princess, Sophia Cayenne!! 
She sure has been an inspiration.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The New Dresses

It was so much fun for Dossie and her friends to go shopping with their moms and what fancy dresses they got. Dossie was so excited she had her hair done to show Zoey she loved pink hair too! It was only Kool-aid that would wash out, but her friends will be so surprised! Little did she know that Sewfy dyed her hair lavender and Zoey dyed hers 2-tone rose and turquoise. They all thought the others would be surprised by the new colors. The only one who would not put Kool-aid in her hair was Fee. She had an Earthy outlook and loved her natural hair. You would too if you had those curls! 

 What do you think of the girls new dresses? 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dossie and her friends meet Zoey

 It was a lovely day in Bubble Land when Zoey moved to town.  She was so worried she would miss all her friends from her old school. Oh, she knew she could email and skype with them, and she could call them as often as she liked. But it wasn't the same. 

Zoey's Mom knew how she felt. Being an Army wife left her always packing and moving and never having the time to meet real friends that lasted through the years. She didn't want Zoey to have to go through that. She had an idea. She would call the new school and ask them at the office if they knew any girls who would be in Zoe's class. She got a few names and made some calls.

Fee's Mom was first and she was so happy to help that she called the other Mom's and they made a plan. Why not have a tea party? Girls love it, and you know we do too! Us grown-ups can have our tea party on the deck and the little girls can have theirs in Fee's room. All agreed that would be great.

There were many plans to be made and some new dresses to buy. Should they wear hats and gloves? LOL, no, but pretty dresses would be great. Each girl was delighted when she heard the news. 

On the day of the tea party, Fee, Dossie, and Sewfy put on their new dresses and went to visit their new friend. She had pink hair! They loved it and they knew that Zoey would become one of their good friends, too.

Don't forget to come back soon. Dossie and her friends are going 
to be having their tea party and you wouldn't want to miss that! Maybe you could cut out all the girls, Dossie, Fee, Sewfy, and Zoey and play tea party with them. You could draw a tea set and cake and maybe some stuff toys to join in the fun. Until then, don't forget to play!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Man Called Sky

I thought it was time to get a man around the paper doll house so I drew Sky and made a few things for him to wear. There is a colorful version or two, and the black and white for you to paint on your computer, or print out for crayons, color pencils or water colors. I noticed when I print out something and watercolor over it, it does run a bit. I like colored pencils the best, and small markers when I want some vibrant color.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meet Little Fee

Is it an Elf? Is it a girl? It is both! Meet little Fee. She is magical and can appear and disappear , just life a fairy. She lives in trees by a brook and  has many friends in the woods. You might even meet some of them here one day. I'll be looking for them under mushrooms, in back of clouds, and sliding down rainbows where they'll find me hiding with my camera!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewfy Visits the 2nd Hand Paperdoll Place

This is Sewfy. I've made a doll or two of my granddaughter, Sophie, using her photo, but I didn't like a real face on illustrated clothes. So, I reinvented her as Sewfy. My g-daughter loves to sew and is learning in leaps and bounds. She told me she wants to have a studio someday and I told her I'd save all my fabric, patterns, thread, notions, quilt frames and tools, leather and beads for her. She loves playing with those when she visits since she was a tiny little girl, maybe 3 years old and walked into my studio and said,  "Gramma Dor, this is amazing!!!!".

I know she just isn't into paperdolls nor is her Mama, a wonderful photographer, but Sophie is such a good artist I told her it would help her draw more often and learn at the same time. She has a busy, busy life and lives across the country so I'll let it be (the paperdoll issue). Meanwhile, I've made this 'Sewfy' just for me!!!

Sewfy has met other wonderful paperdolls from around the globe. I'll be introducing a few here one of these days but first, this paper doll needed clothing, and quick! I went to the place I keep all my old paper dolls and found outfits I only had to tweak here and there. It was very much fun!
I love going to second-hand places and finding vintage clothing or just plain old stuff still in good shape for only a dollar or two.

The witches costume was from a Hallmark greeting card from a very long time ago. The others are not as recognizable but they've been reborn here. Try doing that if you have some time to fool around refitting paper dolls. Not many do have the time for that so I'm savoring this opportunity. I'll let my little Sophie be her own guide and find her own fun play things, but my inner 'dossie' loves the new girl, Sewfy. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Girls Love Pink

The name of this little charmer was not available. The dress is so amazing! I've sewn hundreds of dresses, little girl dresses with lots and lots of ruffles. I even had a machine foot called a ruffle maker and it worked pretty good. But, I've never seen such a ruffle bonanza as this! The pink palette is so balanced and the pantaloons, so Mary Had a Little Lamb, or Little Bo Peep, add a touch of pizazz! 

I have always loved pink! It still seems to be the favorite of little girls everywhere, but lavender is certainly a close second. They do look good together.

I love the colors of dawn, sky blue pink we'd call it as kids. All together, or individually pink, magenta, peach, orange, mauve, lavender, brilliant blues, gold and yellows paint a lovely picture.

Here is Dossie at age 5. I've retouched her and she's ready now for new clothes just waiting on the drawing pad for her and friends.