Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bubble Club

New dresses and more clothes coming soon!

The Bubble Club was formed today. The girls were really excited and spent the whole afternoon planning the Tea Party.

"Let's make it our Inaugural Ball" said Dossie, "We'll wear gowns and
have special cakes!"

"Cup Cakes!" said Zoey "What is 'inaugya..ya..inawgya..Oh, inaugural mean?"

"I'm pretty sure it means to begin or introduce something like a President or in our case, US!"  said Fee

"Hey, how about a bubble making machine!" said Sewfy

"COOOOOOLLLLL" they all cheered.

"Here," said Dossie "I just got a new Mary Englebriet Tea set and we
should use it to toast our new club and get practice holding our pinkies up like proper tea drinkers. All in favor say 'Aye'."

"Aye!!" they once again all proclaimed.

The Bubbles sipped their tea and planned on what flavor cup cakes they should bake.

My own little Tea Party Princess, Sophia Cayenne!! 
She sure has been an inspiration.

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