Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewfy Visits the 2nd Hand Paperdoll Place

This is Sewfy. I've made a doll or two of my granddaughter, Sophie, using her photo, but I didn't like a real face on illustrated clothes. So, I reinvented her as Sewfy. My g-daughter loves to sew and is learning in leaps and bounds. She told me she wants to have a studio someday and I told her I'd save all my fabric, patterns, thread, notions, quilt frames and tools, leather and beads for her. She loves playing with those when she visits since she was a tiny little girl, maybe 3 years old and walked into my studio and said,  "Gramma Dor, this is amazing!!!!".

I know she just isn't into paperdolls nor is her Mama, a wonderful photographer, but Sophie is such a good artist I told her it would help her draw more often and learn at the same time. She has a busy, busy life and lives across the country so I'll let it be (the paperdoll issue). Meanwhile, I've made this 'Sewfy' just for me!!!

Sewfy has met other wonderful paperdolls from around the globe. I'll be introducing a few here one of these days but first, this paper doll needed clothing, and quick! I went to the place I keep all my old paper dolls and found outfits I only had to tweak here and there. It was very much fun!
I love going to second-hand places and finding vintage clothing or just plain old stuff still in good shape for only a dollar or two.

The witches costume was from a Hallmark greeting card from a very long time ago. The others are not as recognizable but they've been reborn here. Try doing that if you have some time to fool around refitting paper dolls. Not many do have the time for that so I'm savoring this opportunity. I'll let my little Sophie be her own guide and find her own fun play things, but my inner 'dossie' loves the new girl, Sewfy. 

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