Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Girls Love Pink

The name of this little charmer was not available. The dress is so amazing! I've sewn hundreds of dresses, little girl dresses with lots and lots of ruffles. I even had a machine foot called a ruffle maker and it worked pretty good. But, I've never seen such a ruffle bonanza as this! The pink palette is so balanced and the pantaloons, so Mary Had a Little Lamb, or Little Bo Peep, add a touch of pizazz! 

I have always loved pink! It still seems to be the favorite of little girls everywhere, but lavender is certainly a close second. They do look good together.

I love the colors of dawn, sky blue pink we'd call it as kids. All together, or individually pink, magenta, peach, orange, mauve, lavender, brilliant blues, gold and yellows paint a lovely picture.

Here is Dossie at age 5. I've retouched her and she's ready now for new clothes just waiting on the drawing pad for her and friends.

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