Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dossie Bubble - Age 5

Dossie Bubble was born today, sort of. I think of Dossie as the little ever-girl within me and other females of all ages who are in touch with their own inner bubble of little girlness.

I've been making my own cut-outs since forever. A female is born a Chick, becomes a Maiden, becomes a Mother, and Grandma, she's then a Crone. Well, that's me, Crone. Now that I am so far along this circle of life, I know how even more important it is to be in contact with my Dossie Bubble. Find yours, and come and play with me. Don't worry, I won't tell, or you can just blame the old Crone on-line living her 2, or 3rd childhood via paper! At my age, who cares!!!! It is freeing. Plus, no laundry, no ironing and folding, just cut out. Looking at it that way, if you can draw, a set of colored pencils and a pad is like owning Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I just started drawing a new set of paper dolls for my blog, a mix of boys and girls. I just drew a kind of generic version of us all. So Dossie is me, my daughter, Jade, my Granddaughters, Sophia and Rowan, and my two daughter-in-laws, Ann and Lisa. The boys? All mine at one age or another.
                                   Have fun, I sure am!!!!

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