Monday, December 24, 2012


This is my cousin Mary's little granddaughter, Jania. She's at that age where she still likes to play paper dolls w/ her GrandMa, Mary. I remade Mary from her black and white kid photo below. I found retro sets of cut-outs with a few outfits that fit them both, so I cut and pasted them into photoshop in the hopes that they'll work. I excluded tabs on this set since Jania likes magnetic paper dolls best. Bobby pins, the ones we used back in the 50's, hold the clothes on just fine, too. I've been using small dots of paper putty on my own tabless outfits for the dolls and it works pretty good. I'm not sure a little kid could remove it easily, but if you have Mom, Grandma or big sister around, try Fun Tac, a blue paper putty used to hang posters and it can be reused over and over.

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