Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's 8 below zero out today!

Yes. It is so so cold today here in the very uppermost part of the state of New York. But, the icicles are glistening in the sunshine and the birds are eating their sunflower seeds right outside my snowy-view window. Ah, I love Winter. That is because I don't have to go OUT in it too often. I can do what I love doing, draw cut-outs. 

I've made several new sets, mostly all in black and white for recoloring. I'll color them in and post them again, too. I have a set of 8 little crones. No, they aren't witches, or fairy god ma's, just chubby senior citizens like me. I get to hang out in flannels on a morning like this, so I'm thinking of more realistic clothes I can draw for them. I have fun developing the different personalities of the ladies and the era they dwell in so I can design suitable stuff. 

I also made a set of three elves. I'm not doing Christmas elves, nor Hobbit-like elves (so elegant and tall). Mine are just my usual cartoony, kiddish little dolls. I want to explore making clothes for them using photos of flowers, trees, etc. Oh, yeah, it's been done many times before, but not by me. My daughter gave me a gorgeous fairy book on Mother's Day filled with elegantly drawn elves with real flower frocks. Beautious!!!

I also drew a set of friends for Dossie  Bubble age 5. I made Keefer, Lily, and a few more girls and boys whose names I can't recall. All of them have several sets of clothes and the creative energy just won't let up.
So, I will keep going and hope I'm getting better all the time.

I hope the Muse finds you cozy, happy, and energized this Winter, 2013, and aren't you glad that Mayan calendar 12/21/12 thing is over? Cheesh! Still here lovin' it, Our Mama Earth. <3  

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