Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Babies

In 1999 I had a paper doll project called "The Seven Sisters". The Adirondack Mountains, near to where I live, is called The Seven Sisters, and in my childhood on L.I., New York, I lived next to Adirondack Drive in Farmingville, NY. Adirondack Drive had 7 huge hills, at least to me at age 7. 

One of the sets from my 7-Sisters days was of babies. I've dug it out of the archives and touched it up a little but here it is.

Leonardo on his first Easter Egg Hunt.

Leo and Desmond are finding lots of eggs this Spring, 2012

My son, Adam Star and his wife, Lisa.

Rowan, Leo and Alex  help celebrate Leo's birthday.

Grandpa Gar chose just the right Lion birthday hat for Leonardo.

My husband, Grandpa Gary with Desmond.
Me, Oma Dor with my grandson, Des, 2012
 My little paper twins would be 14 years old today. I have two step-grandkids around that age now. Oh, wow, they sure grow fast and the older I get the faster they grow it seems. I'm blessed with knowing them all. Rowan and Alex are such interesting people. They've enriched our lives and I sure miss them both. They live hours and hours away so we don't see them much in the winter.  Their Mom, Lisa, has two boys with my son, Adam. The little boys, Desmond and Leo, are absolutely adorable and so much like their Dad when he was a baby.I hope you have fun with my paper babies. Enjoy!

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